Bad enough that it is a reboot. But why ruin it by making the animation and desgins look crappy compared to the previous series. Reboot Ben should really kill himself and so does the people who came up with the ideas to reboot the franchise. Also the people who worked on the reboot. The reason cartoon network rebooted Ben 10 is they wanted to repeat the success of the Ben 10 OS. Since Ben 10 and Powerpuff girls are two of their most sucessful franchises. The dumbest thing is how are you going to repeat the sucess of Ben 10 :Original series if you are going to make the reboot a crappier version of the Original series. It's nothing like it at all and becuase of CN, kids today will never know how awesome ben 10 was. I seen a lot of shows and I swear to god I never seen anything worse than the reboot. I rather see no Ben 10 for 10 years then to have the reboot out there. If I was giving a review for IGN, I give it ZERO OUT OF TEN since it's shit. They should have been a 17 year old omiverse sequel or even Ben 10K spin off in the main series (NOT REBOOT). The show is a pure failure. In some CN commercials they classify it as "Ben 10, better than ever" (MY ASS).Also Upgrade is now purple, Stinkfly is more a bug man, and why they replaced Ripjaws by a Water Hazard Ripoff? They are not even original.

Bottom line is : There is nothing good about the reboot.