=== The Omni King governs the 12 universes of the Dragon Ball Omniverse, and is stated to be the absolute strongest character, capable of inspiring fear in all other gods. ===


Powers & Abilities

Omni-King's power is unimaginable. He can erase anything and everything in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. For instance, there was once 18 universes in the dragon ball multiverse but for some reason Omni-King had a mood swing and erased 6 universes on the spot. Another glimpse of his power was when he erased future trunk's entire world out of existence. He did this because Zamasu affected that universe with evil and he said that he was annoying. He is above all the Angels, Demons, and Gods of Destruction by a long shot. He even has Beerus and Champa sweating and stuttering in his presence.